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Health emergencies upgrade for the global epidemic, mean for China?

Date: 2020-01-31

2019 Novel Coronavirus has been upgraded to global health emergency, what does this mean for China?

After internal debate and game, the world health organization announced that eventually new coronavirus constitutes a global health emergency.The director-general of tan desai said at the same time, efforts and timely response to the Chinese government's response to the outbreak, "it is not mistrust of the Chinese, but worry about epidemic spread in the health system vulnerable countries."Be upgraded to a global health emergency, what does this mean for China?

Global health emergency, it is to point to by the international spread of disease constitute a public health hazards, and to other countries may require a coordinated international response.According to who the international health regulations promulgated in 2005, is a global health emergency, mainly based on four criteria: a, the public health impact event serious?Second, the unusual or unexpected events?Three, are in serious danger of international communication?Four, whether international travel or trade restrictions grave danger?If there are two problems in four above answer is "yes", is to a great extent, make up the global health emergency.Of course, the final say in the hands of who director-general.

The World Health Organization (WHO) twitter screenshots

By such standards, the Chinese pneumonia outbreak is seen as a global health emergency and, after all, the world has more than 10 countries found dozens of confirmed cases, but also in rapidly escalate.Who director-general tan desai said, mainly based on the number of Chinese people increased, many countries are affected these two facts.

Who director-general tan desai even responsible for the global perspective, China should also accept for the results, not too much to resist, this also is a responsible big country should have at least bear and responsibility.If China is to upgrade for global health emergency epidemic cooperate actively instead of overreacting, also helps to improve and enhance China's international image in the outbreak.According to the international health regulations, constitute a global health emergency, who will be temporary or long-term Suggestions, mainly for personnel, baggage, cargo, containers, such as traffic tools, goods and postal parcels certain health measures are taken, the purpose is to prevent or reduce the international spread of disease and avoid unnecessary interference to international traffic.If it is a temporary recommendations, can be revoked at any time, according to a certain procedure and become null and void automatically released after three months, temporary recommendations can also modify or for another three months.If it is a long-term suggestion, modify or cancel the proposal could be carried out by the director-general or submitted by the parties through director-general review committee.

For China, health emergencies constitute a global epidemic, the biggest impact is not from who, because of recommending temporary or long term, who are non-binding, moreover, who started the intent of the emergency mechanism, and also is not to punish, mainly spread in the world in order to contain the outbreak.Announcing the new coronavirus who constitute a global health emergency at the same time, also said there is no need for China to adopt international travel and trade restrictions.The ebola outbreak in west Africa in 2014, and 2018 of the Congo (gold) the ebola outbreak, who have made the same advice.But once who made the qualitative, the real damage is concerned, other countries will response is made accordingly, if the citizens travel warnings, the countries of tourism, airline, hotel, catering and other related industries will be frozen.For goods concerned if other countries raise barriers to entry or not allowed to enter, the export sector will tumbling;If the mass evacuation, other countries may appear foreign investment scale atrophy...

Because of the global health emergency have potential damage is very big, so who is very careful, over the past five years just announced, respectively for the 2009 swine flu outbreak in Mexico, 2014 in countries such as Pakistan's polio epidemic, ebola outbreak in west Africa in 2014 and 2015, the "village card" outbreak and Congo (gold) the ebola outbreak in 2018.The latest Chinese new coronavirus is the sixth.Is qualitative as global health emergencies, for China's biggest influence lies in the economy will be bigger external shocks, but from a macro perspective, in fact is not all bad.First of all, if the outbreak spread around the world, for China's own epidemic control and also will bring greater difficulty, being as a global health emergency, means the global epidemic of defense level upgrade, if the speed of epidemic spread worldwide under control, in turn for China's epidemic control and also create a good external conditions.

At the same time, become a global health emergency, the Chinese are likely to get more external assistance and support, this also is helpful for an early end to disease in China.So far, the response of epidemic diseases in China, since the "SARS" period, although there is a obvious progress, in many ways still is not enough to show a lack of experience or professional place, such as the outbreak after wuhan, huanggang, local WeiJianWei director to random individual related situation, situation estimation, are found in many places.And even in the field of domestic top experts, also has appeared for the outbreak of a lapse in judgment, to some extent this early led to the spread of the epidemic.

Who, by contrast, undoubtedly have more abundant experience in response to the outbreak, if can form a good cooperation, and who in China will be more professional.In addition, the current outbreak of the war, many hospitals are the masks, protective clothing, such as medical material shortages, from wuhan to hospitals across the country are calling for social forces to rescue, medical material shortages have largely restricted the ability of hospital outbreak.According to the regulation, after a global health emergency, who can suggest mobilization of international aid, it will help China get more external assistance, of course, the premise is not deliberately refused to China.

If from an economic point of view, as a global health emergency, in the short term will surely make it harder for the Chinese economy, tourism, and exports and foreign investment, will encounter greater impact.But it should be noted that the current outbreak of pneumonia on China's economy, the influence of the main lockout or domestic many industry brings great damage, damage mainly from internal and external countries adopt relevant measures, of course will make China's further economic woes, but it is not a major killer.In the long run, of course the Chinese people have the ability to totally rely on our own strength finally defeat the outbreak, but if and who form a good cooperation, and other countries, the battle will end faster earlier, this is a good thing for people's life safety, of course.Even from an economic point of view, although the short term will bring greater external shocks, but if the upgraded to international events, an early end to help the economy of the short-term external damage, it is far less than outbreak drag on the internal injuries.